Eventible's List: Top 10 Finance Events You Shouldn't Miss!

Eventible’s List: Top 10 Finance Events You Shouldn’t Miss!

Why worry about scouring the internet for the top events in Finance? Eventible’s got you covered, all in one place! Here’s our top list of events in the finance sector that you may find useful.

Month Event Name
May 2021 Banking Transformation Summit
May 2021Quant Insights Conference
May 2021 Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference
June 2021 WLTH 2021
June 2021ATMIA US Conference 2021
June 2021Fintech Code 2021
August 2021 Money Next Summit Online
August 2021WBR Future Digital Finance CXFS Connect
November 2021 NG Banking Innovation Digital Summit
November 2021FinTech Connect

Banking Transformation Summit

Event Date: 17th to 20th May 2021  

Event Type: Hybrid

The world moves digital, and with it is the banking sector which has to constantly adapt and embrace change. The Banking Transformation Summit has promised its attendees a power packed line-up of speakers across the board! This one is said to be Europe’s most interactive, innovative and inclusive digital event.  

Quant Insights Conference

Date: 27th May 2021

Event Type: Online

Quant Insights Conference is here with its 7th conference this year with a jam packed agenda, A one day event with 9+ talks and 30 days video on demand!

This year’s line-up looks great with scholars such as, Dr. Paul Wilmott, Dr. John Hull, Dr. Thomas Ho, Professor Sang Bin Lee, Dr. Alexei Kondratyev, Dr. Mary Hardy, and many more to discuss and get a deeper understanding of latest industry trends and innovations.

Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference

Date: 25th to 26th May 2021

Event Type: Virtual  

Financial health post the pandemic situation is one of the key areas that needs attention. How do we manage and streamline organizations and their financial health post the pandemic situation? This is one of the many crucial topics that are likely to be addressed.  

WLTH 2021

Date: 8th to 9th June 2021

Event Type: Virtual   

Considering the colossal impact of the pandemic on the financial sector, one of the biggest concerns of all financial professionals is to smoothen the disrupted wealth and asset management of their respective organizations. This is for all professionals looking for new and novel solutions to the aforementioned issues and gear up for a revolution!

ATMIA US Conference 2021

Date: 23rd to 25th June 2021

Event Type: Virtual  

ATMIA summer school 2021 is back this year with a class schedule to offer all its attendees’ opportunities for education regarding the ATM industry. With 18 breakout sessions and a jam-packed exhibit comprising technologies, innovations and new business opportunities. We absolutely cannot wait!!

FinTech: Code 2021

Date: 28th to 29th June 2021

Event Type: Virtual  

If you have a knack for financial technology and an affinity for the latest agile technology tools, tech and leadership principles then this event is for you! Fintech 2021 brings together senior level strategists, technology evangelists and DevOps practitioners to delve into the depths of fintech and its applications in today’s world! 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign Up!

Money Next Summit Online

Date: 18th to 21st August 2021

Event Type: Virtual   

The Money Next Summit brings you much-needed respite from the monotonous corporate line of events, also it promotes the sharing of information, insight and ideas in super exciting digital formats – Spotlight, Super spotlight, Panel, Lightning talk and so much more!

WBR Future Digital Finance CXFS Connect

Date: 23rd to 24th August 2021

Event Type: Virtual  

This one is for the senior management and the professionals in CX, the much-awaited WBR FUTURE DIGITAL FINANCE CXFS Connect. With a mission to help its attendees and their respective organizations steer through these turbulent post-pandemic times! The best part is that you get to have pre-scheduled one on one meetings with solution providers and Finance leaders from across the world!   

NG Banking Innovation Digital Summit 

Date: 16th to 18th November 2021

Event Type: Virtual  

This one allows you to participate in multi-dimensional keynotes, live Q&As and interactive sessions aiming to address key concerns of the sector – such as, dealing with burning industry challenges and more.

FinTech Connect

Date: 16th to 18th November 2021

Event Type: Virtual  

A delightful opportunity for all finance fanatics and digital enthusiasts to come together and meet like-minded people to have fruitful discussions about hot topics such as digital transformation, payments, financial security, regtech and blockchain!

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