5 things they didn’t tell you about online reviews!

5 things they didn’t tell you about online reviews!
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Have you ever bought a product, had a bad experience with its quality, and then felt horrible because you wish you had checked out what others have to say? Exactly! I’m talking about the five-star rating option that you can give depending on whether or not you’ve enjoyed the experience.

It’s the same with the events market sector. Business-driven serious-minded people constantly think of time as an investment, and truly it is. We need active ROI on time. And how would you get that?

Below are a few reasons why online reviews just work…  

Social/ Online Proof Drives Purchase  

It’s not just a ‘you jump, I jump’ concept, but more like an ‘I have enjoyed this, and I want you to enjoy it too.’ Now, I don’t mean to sound sassy, but really – today everyone has a voice and a perspective. And most, if not all are honest while giving feedback about their experience. We are more likely to make a purchase if others (including strangers) feel that it’s a good decision.  

Trust has a part to play

Being successful at hosting an event also means that you get spoken about. This is key to establishing trust and building a robust online identity within your target market. Just like how shoppers usually trust or distrust businesses that have a rating below a certain star, similarly even in the events circuit, the quality or value a certain event brings to its attendees can have an impact.

Reviews are becoming increasingly essential to decision making  

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What factors play a part in active decision making? In a recent conversation with Sir Martin Sorrell, he referred to reviews as an ‘online word of mouth’ – which is powerful. In the traditional days, word of mouth had the credibility to it and today, with technology gaining momentum online reviews can play a crucial role to you attending or passing an event.

Why Reviewing on Eventible just makes life easier!

Eventible - your online B2B event review platform

Eventible prides itself in a unique scoring model that encourages attendees to review events by rating several aspects and leaving detailed open-ended feedback. While events across industries are unique and have a wide experience offering, there are certain features that are in common. The ‘Eventible Score,’ is a unique tool that helps attendees make better more informed decisions.

What’s unique about Eventible?  

With Eventible you can be assured that the reviews on the platform are by people who have actually attended the event. Yes, that’s because we take the trouble to vet, check and approve each review that comes in. What’s more? Also, reviews that have more information about the event are weighted heavier than reviews that provide less information.  

You’re under review!

So why wait? Have you attended an event? If yes, click here to source and drop in your first online review!

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